Putting Ceramic Tile Flooring where vinyl was; does the floor have to be spotless?

December 9th, 2010 by admin Leave a reply »

the floor had vinyl tile and we want to put down ceramic. is it necessary to remove all the old masik/adhesive residue before we install the new flooring?



  1. guilliame01 says:

    I did the same thing that you are doing and found that as long as the floor is clean, meaning no grease or other contaminents are there that would affect the thin set from sticking to the floor, then its okay. It also needs to be as level as possible, if you have high spots that the thin set can’t make up for, your tile will be uneven.

  2. mrmaxamillion says:

    It is best to remove all reside. The important thing is that the floor is even and smooth so your tiles will be flush together. the hardest part is getting rid of the old floor. It is pretty smooth sailing putting the ceramic down. Really enjoyed doing mine. Just love it. Would never go back to vinyl.

    Good Luck

  3. blueyes says:

    You want to have as level a surface as possible for the new tile to prevent buckling and chipping in the future, so yes, I’d advise it. I know it’s more work, but if you’re going to put down the new tile, you want it to look good and last. Believe me, it’s no fun to redo ceramic tile!

  4. bandit says:

    As spotless as possible. The less grit the more success you will have.

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