Can you put ceramic tile/ slate on a mobile home floor?

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I saw some beautiful ceramic/ slate type tile and want to lay it down in my mobile home. Is the floor able to support it?



  1. sensible_man says:

    You would probably need a thick underlayment installed first. If the floor flexes at all, the tiles and the grout will crack. Most mobile homes do not have really ridgid flooring used.

  2. Jereme M says:

    u need to put down some durarock or wonderboard first

  3. Lil' mama says:

    Of course, just make sure you have a suitable underlayment. Durock or Fiberock are my brands of choice. You can put about anything you want in a mobile home. Good luck!

  4. dr. harvey glimebinder says:

    Ceramic tile should be laid on a sub-floor that has very little deflection, or spring in it. Personally I wouldn’t lay down cement board as then you have to use a cement tile setting compound, which doesn’t flex if your floor does, which leads to cracks and tiles lifting. If you first install, with construction adhesive and screws every 4″, 3/4 inch G1S plywood, then you would be able to use a polymer modified thin-set, which flexes if your floor does. (The floor would definitely flex and move if say for example, you moved the home to another location, or the supporting piers at each end settled.)
    Lastly, use a polymer modified floor grout, as it will flex if necessary also. Caulk where necessary at edges if no baseboard or where one plane meets another plane.
    Good luck with it, and don’t forget to clean any excess mortar off the surface of the tiles as you go, before it dries …it will make your final clean up a lot easier.
    Dr. Harvey Glimebinder

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